• 27/7/22 – Active health Day – Dandenong Oasis

    31/7/22 – SEL at Springvale Snow Fest 2022 – Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

    South East Leisure transition day Friday 1 July.

Child Safe


Dandenong Oasis wants children and vulnerable people to be safe, feel safe, happy, and empowered; and have zero-tolerance for all forms of harm. 

Employees, contractors, members and visitors to Dandenong Oasis must comply with the following principles:

• Be a Good Role Model, treat everyone with respect and avoid behaviours that can be misconstrued

• Use language that affirms the worth, dignity and significance of everyone.

• Be alert to physical contact which may be misconstrued. Dandenong Oasis expects all employees to always be SEEN to be doing the right thing as well as knowing that they are.

• Be sensitive and respectful to cultures and family traditions different from your own.

• Be inclusive of children and vulnerable people.

• Be sure your attitudes and behaviour are positive and inclusive towards children and people with special needs.


Our Pool

Here at Dandenong Oasis we have four indoor heated pools available to customers.


The gym here at Dandong Oasis is fully equipped with the latest equipment, dedicated rooms and qualified staff to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. 

Swimming Lessons

We offer swimming lessons at Dandenong Oasis for people of all ages and abilities with qualified swimming instructors.