• 27/7/22 – Active health Day – Dandenong Oasis

    31/7/22 – SEL at Springvale Snow Fest 2022 – Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

    South East Leisure transition day Friday 1 July.

Aquatic Programing


Classes available across 50m indoor heated pool and hydrotherapy pool

Dandenong Oasis offers Aquatic Programming across the 50m indoor heated pool and the hydrotherapy pool for all ages and abilities. These classes can help with recovery and also help boost fitness through low impact exercise. 

Click here to download to view the hydrotherapy pool timetable.  

These classes include: 

Aqua Fit – A low-joint impact class in shallow water for all fitness levels. Exercises are designed to increase your heart rate and strengthen your abdominals, buttocks and thighs. Low impact and medium intensity.

Aqua Movers –  Designed for individuals of all levels of ability and mobility aged 50 years and over. ‘Aqua Movers’ is a simple water based exercise class.

Aqua Zumba – Aqua Zumba is very similar to Zumba on land, maybe even better for the body. This is a low impact muscle burning session that burns calories whilst being gentle on your body to ensure you feel great post workout. 

Aqua Fun – Looking for a workout that will give you a pick me up?  Aqua fun is the one for you. Combining moves suited to the aquatic environment with music in the supportive environment of the warm water, you may be singing and laughing so much that you won’t realize that you are exercising


Our Pools

We have four indoor heated pools available to customers, this includes a 50m lap pool, fun pool (kids pool), toddlers’ pool and a Hydrotherapy pool. 

Watch Around Water

The campaign aim is to reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents and associated injuries in public aquatic facilities in Victoria within the 0-14 year age group.

Ladies Only

Dandenong Oasis offers a female-only environment, providing swimmers a space to feel comfortable and bond with others whilst enjoying the benefits of swimming.