In the rivers

Many people enjoy spending time on or in the many rivers that run through Australia. However rivers are notoriously dangerous.

The following tips will help make your river experience one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

  • Check the river’s current before entering the water – throw a floating object in to see how fast it moves down the river
  • Check the water’s depth before getting in
  • Look out for protruding sticks, branches and rocks
  • Never jump or dive into unclear water – shallow water, hidden rocks and branches can cause serious injury
  • Identify multiple exit points on the river to give you safe options
  • If caught in fast-flowing current, float feet first to protect your head from floating debris
  • Assist someone in trouble by using a branch or rope to help pull them to safety
  • River conditions can change quickly due to rainfall and changing weather conditions
  • Local people usually know local rivers and waterways well – so if in doubt of a safe place to swim, check with a local