In the lakes

The lakes in Australia are both relaxing and exhilarating, but they are also very unpredictable.

The tips listed below will assist in preventing accidents and injuries:

  • Avoid swimming around boats or near boat ramps as boat drivers will find it difficult to see you in the water
  • Never jump or dive into unclear water as shallow water, hidden rocks and branches can cause serious injury
  • The beds of lakes and rivers can be muddy, soft and uneven so always walk in feet first to avoid slips and possible injury
  • Take care around the edges of lakes as they may be slippery or unstable thereby giving way unexpectedly
  • Always wear your life jacket and follow safe boating rules when boating
  • Don’t panic if your legs become tangled in weeds or underwater plants, swim or walk calmly towards safety
  • Join in with children to help protect them, as they love parental/adult participation