At the beach

Basking in the sun and playing in waves is a wonderful way to spend the day, however the beach can quickly turn hazardous.

You can keep safe at the beach by following the below steps:

  • Discuss your trip to the beach as a family and decide on your safety rules, limits and boundaries
  • Always swim between the flags as this is the safest place on the beach and is patrolled by trained lifeguards
  • Select a spot to meet should you become separated from your family
  • Adult supervision keeps children safe, so always stay less than an arm’s length away
  • Be careful playing around rocks and sand dunes
  • Remember to be sun smart:
    • Slip on a shirt
    • Slap on a hat
    • Slop on some sunscreen
    • Seek some shade
  • Remember to take water bottles and find the nearest water fountain
  • Boogie boards and fins go hand in hand, use them together and secure safety straps at all times