At home

The best water safety education begins at home.

Unfortunately many preventable incidents occur around the home so the following hints will help get your family comfortable with water.

  • Ensure home pools are fenced with self -closing gates and child proof locks
  • Maintain gates and fences annually
  • Never leave anything against or leaning near pool fences that children can climb on
  • A designated adult should be responsible for fully supervising children in backyard swimming pools at all times
  • Children are attracted to colourful and floating objects, so clear the pool and pack away equipment after each use
  • After each use, drain and securely store wading and paddling pools
  • At bath time, always provide full time adult supervision
  • Immediately empty the bath water when children exit
  • Turn off the TV and the phone so you can hear
  • Empty buckets and securely store piping and hoses
  • Cover fish ponds and water features with firm mesh or grating
  • Small amounts of water can be as dangerous as deep pools so check your home after rainfall and empty anything holding water
  • Learn CPR and resuscitation techniques and display first aid and resuscitation signs around your home