Sign up today for FREE winter warmers

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Swimming in winter doesn't need to be a challenge...

All students who sign up between 10th - 21st July will recieve a FREE swimming cap and hooded towel to ensure coming to swimming lessons is easy all year round.

Swimming is an important life skill and parents should remeber the benefits of swimming throughout winter:

With Dandenong Oasis’ pool staying between 29.5° and 33.0° students are well looked after and kept warm during their lessons. Student who make use of their FREE swimming cap, will also keep their hair dry, ensuring to avoid feeling cold after class.

Class sizes are significantly smaller meaning more 1 on 1 time between students and teachers.Students are able to ensure they don’t regress on skills learnt in lessons by swimming continuously throughout the year. This also helps students establish a consistent, year round routine.It’s also important for families to remember that drowning can take place any time of year, not just summer. It’s imperative to ensure students are reminded of swimming and water safety year round.

YMCA Swimming Lessons offer students a currriulum which is well rounded intergrating water safety and swimming skills.

For more information please call us on 9767 3100.

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