Pryme movers

Exercise and activity is important regardless of age

Enjoy light pace options suitable for older adults, anyone new to exercise or those who need to take it easy due to injury or other reason.

Classes are specifically developed for men and women 50 years and over or those wanting a light pace option. Classes cater for different levels of ability and mobility and are a great way to meet new people and socialise in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Let our experienced group fitness instructors take you on a journey to improved health and wellbeing.  Classes are light pace but can also be a little more challenging if you wish to push yourself.  Follow our instructors lead and ask them questions before or after the class as you need.

If you have an injury, are new to exercise or are pregnant, please inform the instructor prior to the commencement of class.  The hydrotherapy classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

For more information please call 9767 3100 or see our group fitness timetable for times and days.