GreenEdesk is a software designed to help our members to access their workout program and track their progress in order to help them to reach their overall fitness goals for weight training, cardio and group fitness.

GreenEdesk will give you the opportunity to:

  • Access and follow your prescribed workout, set goals and track your fitness progress.
  • Engage with picture based workouts, goal setting and progress charts for an enhanced workout experience accessible via any computer or smartphone.
  • Develop supportive relationships with gym instructors and trainers to have a specific personalised program made for each member.

You will also be rewarded for working out! For every workout you log in, you will receive ‘wellness points’. When you accumulate a certain amount of ‘wellness points’ you will be rewarded with a free gift.

To start using my GreenEdesk, make an appointment with our friendly trainers today on 9767 3100.

Members who are currently active on GreenEdesk, click the image below to log on:

gymdesk login