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Adrenaline is ‘high intensity functional training’ focused on delivering improved physical performance fast. The program uses advanced training methods and natural body movements to improve; Speed, Strength, Power, Balance, Flexibility and Agility in every session.

Suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.

Adrenaline consists of 3-4 workout blocks (Time, Tabata, Reps & Box) throughout the week.

  • Time - BEAT THE CLOCK, complete the circuit as fast as possible
  • Tabata - KEEP UP, interval training utilising 6-8 exercises followed by a cardio burst
  • Reps - BE THE BEAST, do the maximum reps or load in the set time
  • Box - CHALLENGE YOURSELF, 12 minutes to complete as many rounds of the 4 cross training stations + a cardio burst