Meet Brenda

  • Date: 13 June 2017
  • Category: News
Brenda 2

Brenda is a regular at Dandenong Oasis who attends Aqua Classes twice a week for the past seven years.

Back in 2008, Brenda was told by her doctor that she needed to have a knee arthroscopy and would likely need a knee replacement within two years, which was on top of her constant battle with arthritis.

Brenda decided to take action to prevent the surgeries by travelling to Dandenong Oasis from Knoxfield each week to attend hydrotherapy classes, which she did without fail. Due to Brenda’s commitment and dedication to improving her lifestyle, mobility and general health, she still hasn’t had a knee replacement. Brenda says “my health has defiantly improved over that time. The welcoming atmosphere and the friendly staff are the reason why I love to come to Oasis”.